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Invisalign Day - £199 Off Invisalign Treatment

On March 20th, Specialist Orthodontist Harley Street will be offering £199 off Invisalign treatment during our Invisalign Day. This is your opportunity to come meet our team and have a free Invisalign consultation and smile simulation.

Book yourself an appointment for the event today.

Invisalign Offer

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It takes many years of study to become a qualified orthodontist. We at Specialist Orthodontist Harley Street have the experience and training required to ensure your treatment is quick and comfortable. Find out more.

February 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to our February 2021 newsletter, where you can discover different ways to show your affection during the 'Month of Love'. Also learn more about improving your dental hygiene and our next Invisalign day.

Read the February 2021 Newsletter.

January 2021 Newsletter

We are staying open and seeing patients during the January 2021 national lockdown. In our January newsletter, find out more about our next Invisalign Day, the dental health resolutions you can take this year, and how to achieve a brighter smile.

Read the January 2021 Newsletter.

Specialist Orthodontics - Your Questions Answered

There are several specialist areas in dentistry, one of which is Orthodontics. In this blog we explore the treatments options available to you, and answer many frequently asked questions about Orthodontics.

December 2020 Newsletter

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Inside of our special December newsletter, you'll discover our teeth tips for Christmas, find out what a 'Cross Bite' is, and you can also check out our latest blogs.

Read the December 2020 Newsletter.

November 2020 Newsletter

Inside our November newsletter, you can find out more about our last Invisalign day of 2020, discover the signs of mouth cancer, learn some great tips for improving your dental hygiene, and read our latest blogs.

Read the November 2020 Newsletter.

October 2020 Newsletter

Our October newsletter is here. Inside, discover 3 healthier alternatives to sugary sweets for Halloween, find out what buck teeth are, and read our latest blogs.

Read the October 2020 Newsletter.

September 2020 Newsletter

In our September Newsletter, you can discover how to choose the right clinician for treatment; learn about 'Bruxism' and how its become more common in recent times, and read our latest blogs.

Read the September 2020 Newsletter.

Bruxism: What is it and how does it affect me?

Teeth grinding, or ‘Bruxism’ is a common dental problem that some people may have to suffer with. In this blog, we look at the risks, causes and solutions of Bruxism, and discover its long term effects on the body.

August 2020 Newsletter

Our August newsletter has arrived. Inside, discover our new tooth whitening referral reward, find out more about Invisalign braces and how they can help your smile, and learn what a 'Deep Bite' is.

Read the August 2020 Newsletter.

6 Reasons Why Orthodontic Specialists are in High Demand

Now that some of the restrictions have eased across the UK, there has been an increased demand for orthodontic specialists. In our latest blog, we look at 6 reasons why there has been an increase in the demand for specialist orthodontists.

July 2020 Newsletter

With our July newsletter, we're excited to announce that our next Invisalign Open Day will be on 08/08/20. You can also find out more about retainers, discover who can provide orthodontic treatment, and read our latest blogs.

Read the July 2020 Newsletter.

What to Expect in a Face-To-Face Orthodontic Consultation After COVID-19

We will be open for face-to-face consultations again in July. However, we are taking measures to help prevent the spread of the virus and ensure the safety of both our team and patients. Find out how our appointments and consultations are changing after COVID-19.

June 2020 Newsletter

We will be opening again for regular face-to-face consultations on 11/07/20. In our June newsletter, we discuss when we'll be reopening, tooth whitening, why hydration is important, and our latest blogs.

Read the June 2020 Newsletter.

Specialist Orthodontics – One of Only Two Dental Fields Available in Ireland Currently

There are 13 specialist fields recognised in the UK, but Ireland only has two. What does this mean for the future of dentistry in Ireland and the treatments of patients? Learn more about specialist dental fields in our latest blog.

May 2020 Newsletter

Our May newsletter is now available, inside you can find out about National Smile Month and how you can challenge your family to improve their oral health. Also, discover more about where you can receive orthodontic treatment, and our latest blogs concerning Invisalign on Harley Street.

Read the May 2020 Newsletter.

Illegal Teeth Whitening Causing Burns and Bad Reactions

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment that can remove discolouration and stains on your teeth. However, only professionals registered with the General Dental Council can legally perform this treatment. There has been a rise in the number of illegal teeth whitening cases reported in recent years, along with reports of burns and reactions to this illegally performed treatment.

Read our latest blog on illegal teeth whitening.

April 2020 Newsletter

In our April newsletter, you can discover some of the measures we are taking during the COVID-19 outbreak, so that we can continue to support your journey to straighter teeth. In addition, you can learn more about open bites and read about an achievement reached by one of our specialist orthodontists.

Read the April 2020 Newsletter.

A Patient’s Guide to Invisalign Harley Street

If you're interested in straightening your teeth using Invisalign, we've created a patient guide which can help you through the process of Invisalign on Harley Street. We look at how this modern treatment works, what problems it can fix, and how you can start your journey to your ideal smile. Read our Patient Guide to Invisalign Harley Street.

We Are Now a Platinum Elite II Invisalign Provider

Choosing to straighten your teeth using Invisalign is a big decision, which is why it's important to choose a provider that you trust. Dr Gregory, one of our resident specialists in orthodontics, has recently become a Platinum Elite II provider of Invisalign in recognition of his high level of expertise with Invisalign aligners.

If you're looking for an Invisalign provider, you can trust our specialist orthodontists to provide high-quality care and service.

Platinum Elite II

March 2020 Newsletter

Wedding season is approaching, which means now is the ideal time to start your journey towards your dream smile. This month's newsletter discusses what options are available as well as useful information about teeth whitening treatment.

Read the March 2020 Newsletter.

What Harley Street Can Do for You

Here at Specialist Orthodontist Harley Street we aim to create a personalised plan for you and your smile. In this article we look at the different treatment options that are available, and what orthodontic problems they can correct. Discover what Harley Street can do for you.

Reports of Illegal Tooth Whitening Procedures Have Increased

In 2019, the GDC (General Dental Council) reported that there was a 26% increase in cases of illegal teeth whitening. We have discussed the risks of these procedures in a previous blog. Teeth whitening that is carried out by a non-professional who isn't registered with the GDC is not only illegal, but also carries significant risk to your health.

You can view the full article here.

February 2020 Newsletter

Sometimes we need a little push to start the journey towards the smile we desire. Valentine's Day offers a great opportunity to gift your significant other a visit to our specialist orthodontic practice, so they can start their journey towards a Hollywood smile.

Read the February 2020 Newsletter.

Why Adult Braces are Becoming More Popular

More and more adults are undergoing orthodontic treatment, but what could be causing this surge in people looking to straighten their teeth? In this article, we take a look at the reasons why more adults are choosing to improve their smile with orthodontics.

January 2020 Newsletter

It's a new year, new decade, and a new opportunity to achieve the smile you've always desired. It's never too late to start a new resolution to improve your dental health. Inside our January 2020 newsletter, we take a look at some practical steps you can take to improve your oral health.

Read the January 2020 Newsletter.

British Orthodontic Society Official Guidance on Adult Braces

If you're an adult considering having braces, the British Orthodontic Society (BOS) has official guidance which can help you decide if you should have braces, and how to pick the right orthodontist. It also covers some of the problems that orthodontics can help rectify.

Read the Orthodontics for Adults BOS Guide.

The Dangers of Illegal Teeth Whitening

Receiving dental treatment from someone who is unqualified can put you at a lot of risk. In our latest blog, we look at the dangers of illegal teeth whitening.

December 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to the December newsletter. Inside, you can find out more about Kerry, one of our highly qualified orthodontists. In addition, we look at the royal family and their history of dental concerns.

Read the December 2019 Newsletter.

Can I Receive Orthodontic Treatment if I Have Cancer?

Specialist Orthodontist Harley Street accepts patients who are about to, currently, or have undergone treatment for cancer. There is no reason as to why you would not be able to start and or continue any orthodontic treatment during any stage of cancer. While more often than not there’ll be more caution taken (dependent on where the form of cancer is), all patients will still be able to achieve their desired smile in a similar timeframe.

November 2019 Newsletter

Our November newsletter is now available. This month, find out more about orthodontic waiting lists, our Invisalign services at Harley Street, our latest tooth whitening offer, and more.

Read the November 2019 Newsletter.

Invisalign SmileView

Would you like to see how your smile could improve with Invisalign? You can try on your new smile using SmileView, which uses one of your selfies to give you a sneak peek of your smile after Invisalign treatment. If you'd like straighter teeth but don't know where to begin, using SmileView to visualise your new smile is a great place to start. Try on your Invisalign Smile.


Celebrity Orthodontics

Having good teeth is a huge part of creating the ideal appearance. Many celebrities have undergone orthodontic treatment for a straighter, more aesthetically pleasing smile. Learn more about celebrity orthodontics.

October 2019 Newsletter

Our October newsletter is now available, this month you can find out more about specialist orthodontics, whether adults can have braces, and read some of our latest blogs.

Read the October 2019 Newsletter.

September 2019 Newsletter

Our September newsletter is here, this month you can learn about the orthodontic process and how it could benefit you, find out more about our finance options, and read some of our brand-new blogs.

Read the September 2019 Newsletter.

Filling the Gaps: Orthodontics vs Dental Implants

Gaps in your smile can cause you to lose confidence, and also make eating and speaking difficult. There are various treatments available that can fill gaps in your smile, and in this blog we look at how orthodontics compare to implants for filling the gap. Learn more about braces vs implants.

Can Adults Have Braces?

We often think of braces as a dental treatment for children; however, this couldn't be further from the truth. Orthodontic treatment can help correct misaligned or crooked teeth for adults, resulting in both a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Discover why more adults are having orthodontic treatment.

Can Adults Have Braces

August 2019 Newsletter

Our August newsletter is here. This is the first of our monthly newsletters in which we provide our latest news, our best tips and tricks, and our hottest offers. Make sure you sign up to our mailing list so you don't miss out.

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World Dental Schools

View all the schools that are both at home and abroad which offer dental qualifications.

View all of the dental schools here.

We Love This Advert

One advantage of an orthodontic appointment is this doesn’t happen…

Harley Street Specialist’s Comprehensive Orthodontic Care Guide

Caring for your teeth and braces during orthodontic treatment is important, and may require some additions to your oral hygiene routine. In our latest blog, we provide a care guide for your braces, that can help ensure both your teeth and braces remain healthy. Take a look at our comprehensive braces care guide.

Drinking Very Hot Tea Linked with Risk 1 Type Oesophageal Cancer

A recent study of more than 50,000 people in Iran has suggested a clear link between drinking very hot tea every day and increased risk of squamous cell oesophageal cancer. Although drinking hot tea could raise risk, it is believed to be far smaller than the risk given by alcohol, smoking, diet and obesity.

These results may not apply to people living in the UK however, as there are differences in our tea drinking habits and other lifestyle factors. People in the UK who want to reduce their risk of developing cancer should start with quitting smoking, reducing their intake of alcohol, maintaining a healthy weight and stopping acid reflux. Even so, it is still a sensible precaution to drink your tea at a reasonable temperature.

You can view the full article here.

Hot Tea

Look for a Specialist

The General Dental Council (GDC) have a registry of specialist dentists in the UK. Look for a specialist today.

Robert De Niro Receives Treatment from Emergency Dentist

The Godfather star Robert De Niro needed treatment from an emergency dentist after his tooth fell out whilst eating toast - ironically, a day before he was due to start working on a Warburtons ad. He'll be receiving full treatment for his tooth when he gets back to Los Angeles. You can view the full article here.

Tooth Fairy's Generosity Map

A recent study by SunLife has revealed that the average amount that the tooth fairy leaves under children's pillows across the UK is £1.42. The average has increased since last year, where the average price for a child's tooth was £1.31. Children from Northern Ireland earn more on average for their teeth than those elsewhere in the UK, at £2.14 per tooth. Meanwhile, children living in Bristol earn the least on average for their teeth, at 85p per tooth. You can view the full article here.

Tooth Fairy Map
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