Illegal Teeth Whitening Causing Burns and Bad Reactions

Blemishes, discolouration or staining on teeth is a common dental problem which can cause a loss of confidence. For many, this means that they may hide their smile. Treatments such as teeth whitening can help remove this discolouration and give you a shining white smile. However, this treatment can be dangerous if carried out by someone who is unqualified.

Many teeth whitening kits contain hydrogen peroxide, a whitening agent which can help remove stains from your teeth. For products which are sold to the public, there can only be 0.1% of this chemical included by law. If a qualified dental professional is providing this treatment, they can use up to 6% hydrogen peroxide legally. Many unqualified providers have been found using a significant amount more than this; in some cases, the whitening kits contained up to 35% hydrogen peroxide.

The other major issue with unqualified whitening providers is that they aren’t trained to test whether you are suitable for treatment. Experts have found that many illegitimate qualifications have been given to untrained beauticians from one beauty school in particular. From these, many of these beauticians have provided treatments which caused blisters, burns and tooth loss.

In the UK, the only people who can perform teeth whitening legally are registered professionals with the General Dental Council (GDC). These professionals are trained to properly assess your oral health, and ensure you are suitable for whitening treatment. They will also test for irritation and any problems with sensitivity.

The number of illegal teeth whitening cases in the UK has increased significantly over the last few years. The GDC had 582 cases of illegal teeth whitening reported in 2018, and 732 reported in 2019. This 26% increase in cases of illegal teeth whitening is worrying due to the oral health problems that can be caused. One person was left with ballooned lips and burns after a bad reaction to the illegal treatment.

If you’re looking to improve the brightness of your teeth, make sure you choose a qualified professional who is registered with the GDC. At Specialist Orthodontist Harley Street, our specialist orthodontists will assess your mouth to ensure that teeth whitening treatment is suitable for you. We also use the legal amount of whitening agent in our treatments to remove any discolouration safely, and effectively. All of our treatments are provided within the guidelines set by the General Dental Council.

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