Clear Braces

Why Should I Go For Clear Braces?

Most of us have some problem with our teeth that we wish didn’t exist. The problem may be crooked teeth and for some of us, this issue can be something that really undermines our confidence and makes us feel uncomfortable.

We can help. Specialist Orthodontist Harley Street have the necessary skills and experience to make sure that whatever results you envisage for your smile through orthodontics, we can bring that vision to life.

And now we can create your ideal smile through the use of clear braces!

How Does it Work?

Clear braces consist of a series of aligners, implemented through a treatment plan designed just for you. The initial stage of this process involves us taking moulds to create bespoke aligners specifically for your smile.

From there, you will wear a succession of these different aligners over your teeth, and they will slowly and comfortably manoeuvre your teeth into a straighter and more aesthetically pleasing position. These nearly invisible braces are also removable, which makes them more convenient throughout your everyday life than traditional metal braces.

It is also worth mentioning that because these braces are clear, they will be less noticeable to others and therefore more discrete to wear than regular fixed braces.

How Long Does it Take to Straighten Teeth?

It can be hard to wait for your orthodontic treatment to be complete. With Specialist Orthodontists Harley Street, you can go ahead with our clear braces treatment knowing that you can start seeing results within a few weeks. This means you can get back to your normal daily routine sooner and start making the most of your new smile.

Can Clear Braces Help Cosmetic Problems?

Cosmetic problems with our smile can affect how we feel about ourselves, which means taking the time to correct these problems is important. Teeth are such a noticeable and prominent part of our appearance, so it's vital we take the time to look after them.

Making the decision to go with a specialist provider such as Specialist Orthodontists Harley Street to achieve your ideal smile is where the whole journey to a better smile begins. Clear braces can help efficiently correct cosmetic issues with your smile.

Are Clear Braces Better Than Traditional Metal Braces?

Both clear braces and traditional metal braces aim to correct alignment issues with teeth, in order to provide the patient with straighter teeth and a healthier smile. There are often negative connotations with metal braces, due to their unappealing appearance and problems with food getting trapped in the brackets and wires.

Clear braces can straighten your teeth without these issues. Their nearly invisible appearance means that most people won't realise you're having orthodontic treatment, and due to the fact they're removable, you can clean your teeth easily. If you're looking for an orthodontic treatment that can fit around your lifestyle, clear braces are an ideal choice.

How Do I Start My Journey to a Brighter Smile with Clear Braces?

Now could be the right time to put yourself first and choose clear braces with Specialist Orthodontists Harley Street and it all starts with simply booking a consultation. Do this today and take the first step towards improving your teeth with clear braces.

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