Orthodontic Benefits

Visiting a specialist to receive orthodontic treatment can offer you a range of additional benefits to your health in addition to the expected improvements for your teeth. Deciding to seek this treatment is good for enhancing your dental health and obtaining the aesthetically pleasing smile you would like. Plus, it is something that can improve your overall health on both a physical and mental level.

Here we go over some of the expected benefits you can receive from orthodontic treatment.

Better Dental Hygiene

Successful treatment from specialist orthodontists enables a more thorough cleaning of your teeth. This will contribute to enhanced oral hygiene. Orthodontic treatment provides you with straight teeth, which makes it easier for a toothbrush to give the teeth a more complete clean. Plus, by straightening the teeth with orthodontics, there is less opportunity for food particles to build-up and less risk of this causing plaque and cavities (tooth decay).


The Physical Benefits From Orthodontic Treatment

On a physical level, the effects of orthodontic treatment can be noticeably beneficial to your shoulders and your neck. The reason for this is that the kind of pain experienced in the jawbone due to poorly aligned teeth for example is transferred to the neck and shoulders. This is due to the jawbone’s proximity to the neck and shoulders. By having orthodontic treatment that targets your dental problems and successfully treats them, the patient will benefit from an alleviation of this pain in the neck and the shoulders.

Another form of discomfort that derives from the persistence of poor dental health is headaches. These headaches are caused by the grinding of teeth which can sometimes occur when teeth are crooked or misaligned. Fortunately, one of the additional health benefits of undergoing orthodontic treatment is that these dental imperfections can be fixed, through the use of braces or surgery for example. As a consequence, your headaches will be gone.

Having orthodontics can also help to eliminate sinus issues. Sinus issues related to the teeth are caused via a constriction of the airways. This can be uncomfortable and is a consequence of the structure of the jaw or minor-level oral health matters. Through the use of orthodontics however, your sinus problems can be rectified.

Avoiding Further Health Risks

Alongside the physical and mental health benefits of orthodontic treatment is a series of other ways in which this treatment can enhance your wellbeing. Imperfect oral health can contribute to bacteria becoming part of your bloodstream. This reduces the effectiveness of your immune system, which can mean an increased risk of diseases. Both diabetes and heart disease are examples of these diseases.

Without the appropriate orthodontic treatment, you could be put at greater risk of being affected by these diseases. In addition to the ability of orthodontic treatment to lessen these risks, it can also help reduce the chance of pregnancy complications.

Improving Your Sleep

Patients who opt for orthodontics can expect to improve their sleep at night as well. If you grind your teeth while you sleep or suffer from a jaw that is poorly aligned, orthodontic treatment can make a highly positive difference to you. Orthodontics are able to combat this problem and help make your night’s rest a pleasant and healthy one.

Mental Wellbeing

The additional health impacts of having orthodontic procedures are not just limited to physical effects. Having problems with your teeth, such as misaligned or crooked teeth, can be something that chips away at your confidence. It might make you feel awkward about showing your teeth when you talk, smile or laugh.

Mental Wellbeing

Orthodontic treatment comes in various forms, each one designed to correct your teeth. Choosing this treatment leads to a more symmetrical, aesthetically pleasing smile and a boost in your mental wellbeing.

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Why Choose a Specialist Orthodontist?

Specialist orthodontists are dentists who have more training and experience providing orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign. Patients that receive orthodontics from a specialist find that their treatment is of higher quality, they finish treatment much sooner, and the level of care they receive is much higher.

Due to advances in aligner technology, we no longer offer fixed braces as a treatment option. Our specialists have found that removable aligners such as Invisalign are more likely to result in successful treatment, and are safer for the patient compared to traditional braces. Even if you have been told that fixed are your only option by other practitioners; our specialists are confident we will be able to treat your orthodontic problems using this modern treatment.

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