Why You Don't Need to Worry About Ugly Braces

Perhaps one of the major obstacles in the thought process of people considering orthodontics is that braces can appear ugly. For some people, the aesthetic part of orthodontic treatment is highly unappealing, and there may be the belief that braces will undermine or spoil their looks. Even those that find braces to be unsightly but will still choose them in order to improve their teeth might feel awkward about how they look when wearing their braces day-in-day-out.

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The Solution

The truth is though that the nagging kind of doubts outlined above can be easily avoided by simply opting for clear braces. A form of treatment that the skilled hands here at Specialist Orthodontist Harley Street can provide you with, clear braces are subtle and discrete to the human eye. What you as the patient will experience is a gradual yet highly effective form of treatment that gives a huge boost to your smile, and the average person won’t be able to tell.

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Given that the idea of orthodontics that are discrete and subtle to the eye is an appealing one, it’s not surprising that people choose Invisalign. Invisalign treatment revolves around a series of teeth aligners that are made to be worn behind the teeth over a period of 6-15 months. The aligners are tailor-made for each patient’s teeth and will just need to be removed for eating, drinking and cleaning. These invisible braces are totally transparent and will move your teeth into the desired positions at a gentle pace.

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Easier Payments

Lessening the financial burden on you for the expert treatment that you receive from us, we at Specialist Orthodontist Harley Street are offering finance options that allow you to pay for treatment in simple, more manageable instalments. There are several options available, and all can help you access the treatment you would like to achieve the smile you want.

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Why Choose a Specialist Orthodontist?

Specialist orthodontists are dentists who have more training and experience providing orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign. Patients that receive orthodontics from a specialist find that their treatment is of higher quality, they finish treatment much sooner, and the level of care they receive is much higher.

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