August 2020 Newsletter

We have a new offer for you to take advantage of. When you refer a friend and they sign up for Invisalign treatment, you can both receive free tooth whitening. This is a great opportunity for you and a friend to gain your dream smiles. Check out our website to find out how you can refer a friend.

Orthodontic Smile

In our August newsletter, you can discover how Invisalign can help you gain your ideal smile, identify exactly what a 'Deep Bite' is, and read our latest blogs which cover reasons why orthodontic specialists are in high demand.

Our Orthodontic Helpline is Still Open

If you require emergency orthodontic support, our orthodontic helpline is still open. You can reach our orthodontic helpline by calling 073 6835 8296


Invisalign braces are a special form of aligner which allow you to fix alignment issues and straighten your teeth, all without altering your lifestyle. Using state-of-the-art computer technology, these near-invisible braces are designed specifically for your smile to promote the manoeuvrability needed to move your teeth into the correct position.

As an Invisalign Platinum Elite II Provider, our team has performed hundreds of successful Invisalign treatments and have provided a high level of professionalism and care to patients within our practice.


If you would like to know more about Invisalign or would like to find out more how we can help you, you can visit our website to book a free consultation. Our highly-experienced orthodontic team would be happy to answer any questions you may have, all within a welcoming and comfortable environment.

What is a 'Deep Bite'

A 'Deep bite' or an 'Overbite' occurs when the upper front teeth significantly overlap the lower front teeth. This usually causes the lower front teeth to bite into the gum tissue behind the upper front teeth which can cause more issues later on.

This orthodontic problem can not only cause aesthetic issues, but it can also be the source of discomfort and pain, locking of the jaw, and poor sleep. You'll find that your teeth can get more damaged over time unless you address the problem with orthodontics.

Deep Bite

There is a wide range of orthodontic treatments that can be used to correct a deep bite, such as Invisalign. As with all treatments, the most effective method will vary from person to person, as well as the time that is taken until completion.

At Specialist Orthodontist Harley Street, we can help create a treatment plan that will suit your requirements. We have over 30 years of experience with giving patients their ideal smile, so you can rest assured that your treatment is being carried out by extremely qualified professionals. Book your appointment with us today.

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