September 2020 Newsletter

As we continue to tackle the changes that have surrounded us, the team here at Specialist Orthodontist Harley Street would like to give a warm thank you to the workers that are helping to make this time as bearable as possible.

Just as the trees and plants begin to change colour this fall, you also might be considering changes to your smile. If brighter, straighter teeth and a more confident smile sounds appealing to you, don't hesitate to contact us to see how we can help.

Autumn Smile

In our September Newsletter, you can discover how to choose the right clinician for treatment; learn about 'Bruxism' and how its become more common in recent times, and read our latest blogs.

Our Orthodontic Helpline is Still Open

If you require emergency orthodontic support, our orthodontic helpline is still open. You can reach our orthodontic helpline by calling 073 6835 8296

Tips for Choosing the Right Clinician

Choosing who to have your dental treatment with can be a very difficult choice. As the volume of dental practices increase, how do you know who can give you a better service for your unique situation and smile?

Many important questions can be asked to help you find the right clinician:

  • Are their treatments cost-effective?
  • How long have they been in practice?
  • How much experience do they have?

Each of these questions can be important in deciphering who you should put your trust in.


At Specialist Orthodontist Harley Street we understand that our patients require the utmost of care and attention to detail. We have an accomplished team of specialists, some of which have over 30 years of experience performing a variety of different dental treatments.

If you're interested in discovering what we can offer you, contact us now for a free consultation.

What is 'Bruxism

'Bruxism' is a condition where you grind your teeth together subconsciously. Short-term this can cause pain in the jaw, earaches or headaches. Long-term however, this can cause a significant reduction in tooth enamel, increasing tooth sensitivity as well as causing severe facial pain.

There can be many different causes for bruxism, such as stress or improper teeth alignment. Recently, however, there has been a drastic increase in these cases, which many believe to be due to the strain that these trying times have caused to the population.


Tooth grinding can develop into a significant orthodontic problem. Thankfully there are treatments available that can combat this. For some, special mouthguards help to prevent the clenching from damaging your teeth. Whereas braces can help to realign and straighten your teeth if you have a malocclusion.

We at Specialist Orthodontist Harley Street can help treat bruxism or any issues caused by this using treatments such as Invisalign. Book your appointment with us today, or find out more on our website.

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