November 2020 Newsletter

November 28th is your last opportunity before Christmas to take advantage of the special offers only available during our Invisalign Open Day. This includes a free Invisalign consultation and smile scan.

We also have several offers running this month for Black Friday, including free tooth whitening with Invisalign and £150 off tooth whitening.

Within our November newsletter, learn about the early signs of mouth cancer, find our top 5 dental hygiene tips of the month, and catch up on our latest blogs.

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Our Orthodontic Helpline is Still Open

If you require emergency orthodontic support, our orthodontic helpline is still open. You can reach our orthodontic helpline by calling 073 6835 8296

Invisalign Open Day

Our last Invisalign Open Day this year will be held on November 28th. This is your opportunity to get started on your Invisalign journey before 2021, so you can have a healthier, straighter smile for Summer.

Some of the special offers you can take advantage of during our Invisalign day include receiving a free consultation and smile simulation. During your consultation you can discuss your goals for your smile with our specialist orthodontist, and ask any questions you may have. With a smile simulation, you can see how your smile will look at the end of your treatment.

In addition, if you sign-up for Invisalign on the day, you can receive £199 off the treatment. Don't miss out on these fantastic offers, book your consultation today.

Mouth Cancer Awareness Month

Mouth cancer, also known as oral cancer, describes one area where cancer can appear. This classification includes tumours that affect the tongue, gums, lips, salivary glands, and/or on the inside of the cheeks.

Over 8,000 people are diagnosed with mouth cancer each year, with more than 2 in 3 cases developing in adults over the age of 55.

Mouth Cancer Awareness Month

Symptoms of mouth cancer include:

  • Unexplained lumps in the mouth that do not disappear
  • Changes in speech
  • White patches
  • Bleeding or numbness in the mouth

The main causes of mouth cancer in the UK are alcohol and tobacco, this being because they contain chemicals that can damage DNA in cells which can lead to cancer. Other risk factors include eating an unhealthy diet, having a weak immune system and chewing tobacco products.

To find out more information about mouth cancer, or to find your local support group. Visit the Mouth Cancer Foundation.

5 Dental Hygiene Tips

Our teeth have a essential role in our daily life. They help us chew and digest food, helps to form our speech patterns and contributes as a whole to the health of our body.

This means that we need to take maintain good dental hygiene regularly. Here are 5 tips that you can use to improve your overall dental health.

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  1. Brush Properly.
  2. It sounds cliché, but cleaning your teeth/braces properly is important to make sure that any leftover food particles are removed. Make sure not to brush your teeth too hard as this can cause dental problems.

  3. Change Your Brush
  4. Over time your toothbrush will start to degrade, this means that if your toothbrush looks visibly different to when you first bought it, you may not be getting the best clean possible anymore.

  5. Floss Regularly
  6. Flossing ensures that germs that you can't reach with your toothbrush are reached and removed from your mouth. Making flossing part of your daily routine is key to ensuring the health of your teeth and gums.

  7. Limit Your Intake of Carbonated Drinks
  8. Many carbonated drinks contain acids that can wear down the outer surface of your teeth over time. Try to limit how much fizzy drinks you have and stick to drinks such as fruit juices or water.

  9. Keep Your Diet Teeth-Friendly
  10. Your diet can greatly affect your dental health, eating too many processed foods can cause decay, and contribute to bacteria build-up. However, many foods can actually help keep your mouth clean, such as watery foods including cucumbers and fruits.

Do you have an orthodontic problem and are looking for a solution? Don't hesitate to contact us today to book your free orthodontic consultation.

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