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Adult Orthodontics at Harley Street

For many adult patients, their oral health and smile can directly link to their self-esteem. As we age we tend to notice more dental imperfections, but many people forget that you can never be too old for orthodontic treatment. At Specialist Orthodontist Harley Street, we can not only provide the necessary treatment to give you your desired smile but also help with more complex cases and dental problems affecting your teeth and gums.

Our team of specialists use the latest techniques, equipment and technology, such as Invisalign, to help create beautiful smiles. At your first free online consultation, your orthodontist will provide a tailored treatment plan to suit your needs and your teeth, which will then be carried out by our professionals who have the requisite level of specialist training. The treatment process is designed to help you feel a part of it, and as our patient, you will be treated with care and dignity.

Why Do Adults Consider Orthodontic Treatment?

For many of our patients, general dental imperfections can greatly contribute to low self-esteem. Though some people might undergo orthodontic treatment for the cosmetic benefits of a beautiful smile, others may need it to rectify more serious dental problems. You are never too old to receive orthodontic treatment, and our team of specialists can help create a personalized treatment plan that suits you, your needs and your budget.

Adult Orthodontics


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Some of the common issues that patients might struggle with include:

Underbite: When the bottom teeth protrude past the top teeth, an underbite occurs. Children are very likely to grow out of this jaw and teeth formation, but unfortunately, adults will need to seek treatment to correct this.

An Overbite/Overjet: An overbite/overjet happens when the upper teeth are protruding past the bottom teeth. Due to this positioning, a gap is formed between the top and bottom teeth when you bite down.

A Crossbite: When a patient’s teeth are located on the inside when they should be on the outside, a crossbite occurs. Though some might think this would only be an aesthetic concern, a crossbite is considered an oral health problem too and could create further trouble in the future if not treated.

Overcrowded Teeth: Overcrowded teeth are not only a nuisance to many people, but they are also extremely noticeable and can create low self-esteem. Overcrowded teeth occur when there is an inadequate amount of space in the mouth. This can be caused due to the size of the patient’s mouth, teeth, or even the positioning of their bigger teeth in the back of the jaw.

Gaps and Unevenly Spaced Teeth: The way teeth are positioned throughout the mouth can have a huge effect on how your teeth interact and function. Gaps and unevenly spaced teeth are a very common dental problem that can be pretty easily treated by various teeth straightening methods.

Am I Too Old for Orthodontic Treatment?

At Specialist Orthodontist Harley Street, we truly believe there is no age limit on orthodontic treatment. Over the years we have been treating more and more adult patients who come in to get their ideal smile. Whether there are simpler or more complex problems that you are facing, our team of trained professionals will be able to give you a treatment plan that is tailored to you.

Depending on your dental needs, our orthodontists can offer a variety of treatment options to help correct your teeth and give you your ideal smile.

Adult Braces

How Can Invisalign Treatment Help?

Invisalign treatment is a reliable and efficient way for adults of all ages to straighten their teeth. What's more, it's virtually invisible! Invisalign works by straightening your teeth little by little, using cutting-edge 3D image technology which digitally designs your new smile and creates a custom set of aligners for you to wear. The main benefit of this treatment is the flexibility it offers.

Most adults chose Invisalign aligners because it’s not only an almost invisible form of teeth straightening, but the removable aligners can also be taken off to eat and drink, brushing and flossing your teeth and even for special events when you do not want to worry about your teeth.

As it is such an advanced form of teeth straightening technology, only professionals with specific training can help you with this treatment, which is why Harley Street specialists boast vast levels of training and experience in Invisalign treatment.

How Do I Start My Orthodontic Treatment?

Here at Specialist Orthodontist Harley Street, we have over 30 years of experience, a high level of working knowledge and experience and are responsible for hundreds of successful Invisalign treatments. If you are looking for orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth, our team can help provide the highest quality of care, giving you your desired results and a new, beautiful smile.

To learn more about the services we offer, contact us today to book your free online consultation.

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Why Choose a Specialist Orthodontist?

Specialist orthodontists are dentists who have more training and experience providing orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign. Patients that receive orthodontics from a specialist find that their treatment is of higher quality, they finish treatment much sooner, and the level of care they receive is much higher.

Due to advances in aligner technology, we no longer offer fixed braces as a treatment option. Our specialists have found that removable aligners such as Invisalign are more likely to result in successful treatment, and are safer for the patient compared to traditional braces. Even if you have been told that fixed are your only option by other practitioners; our specialists are confident we will be able to treat your orthodontic problems using this modern treatment.

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