February 2020 Newsletter

Many people dream of having a Hollywood smile, but sometimes a push is needed to start the journey. If your significant other has been wishing to improve their smile, a visit to Specialist Orthodontist Harley Street could be the perfect gift for Valentine's Day. 

This month, we take a look at crowded teeth and why it's a problem for our oral health. We also look at how much it'll cost you to start your Invisalign journey today, and our latest blogs.

Valentine Smile

Crowded Teeth

Crowded teeth are a common reason many people choose to have orthodontic treatment. In the UK, nearly 45% of people have an amount of crowding of their teeth. Overcrowding can be caused by the size of the individual's mouth and teeth, or the positioning of the back teeth, such as wisdom teeth or molars.

In some cases, crowded teeth can cause further problems with a patient's bite, including overlapping or crooked teeth. Overcrowding can be the root cause of further dental problems, due to it being difficult to properly clean crowded teeth with brushing or flossing. If you can't reach all of the tooth's surface then this can leave behind food debris, leading to the growth of bacteria and eventually gum disease.

Another problem that can be caused by overcrowded teeth is tooth damage, as protruding teeth caused by overcrowding are more likely to be chipped or cracked. For many patients, a smile with crooked teeth can be the cause of self-esteem issues, leading to a desire to change their smile.

If you suffer from crowded teeth or any other orthodontic problems, our specialist orthodontists can help. Contact us today to find out more.

Invisalign From £150/month*

Nothing should stop you from reaching your dream smile, which is why we're offering Invisalign from £150/month*. This means you can start your Invisalign journey today, with more manageable monthly payments. 

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